Pre-Keyboard Class: Children 5 years to 7 years old

   Year 1 (Semesters I & II)

   Year 2 (Semesters III & IV)


Watch your budding musician delight in playing songs on his own glockenspiel, thrill as he creates his own melodies, and thrive as he absorbs musical skills with his nurturing teacher and new-found friends.

In this four-semester, two year course, your child will learn:

The notes of the treble staff
Complex rhythm patterns

How to read, write and play simple melodies 
Musical terms & symbols (i.e. forte, piano, crescendo)
The instruments of the orchestra
About some famous composers (i.e. Mozart, Beethoven)
To play their own glockenspiel, dulcimer & recorder

We will do this through lots of musical games, listening activities, singing, instrument exploration, dancing, and movement activities. The best part of Kindermusik is how much they are learning, while they think they are playing!

They will also experience:

Greater vocal development
Group ensemble playing
The rudiments of ballet, jazz, tap and folk dances
Different kinds of music (i.e. classical, folk, Native American, Appalachian, from other countries, etc.)

Class Information:

One hour once a week (Adult and siblings join in the last 10 minutes of each class)
Fifteen-week semesters
Home materials include: a Home CD, illustrated Book, Kindermusik Folder with activity cards, stickers, worksheets and manipulatives, a games bag, a canvas tote bag and weekly email bulletins. The first year they also receive a glockenspiel. In the second year they receive a dulcimer and a recorder. 


William Maxwell has been taking piano lessons from me for about a year. He was only seven years old when he started, but I found him to be one of the best prepared students to begin piano lessons in my fifteen or so years of teaching. He went through the Kindermusik program before he came to me and had a very good foundation in rhythm, notes, listening skills and enthusiasm for music. Combined with these skills, he has learned some good habits in practicing at home and has had wonderful parental support.

- Mary Lyn Perry

The most outstanding feature in Kindermusik graduates who come to piano lessons is their innate sense of rhythm. It is ingrained and makes it super easy to teach - in fact, you usually don't have to teach it. And it is so difficult if they don't have that innate sense.

- Julee Kowalis (piano teacher and music educator for 20 years)

My child who is in her second year of Young Child knows more than her older brother who has been taking formal lessons for 2 years.

- Jenny Perch

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