Summer 2018

Take a look at the different ages on our Courses page, find the right class and the right time for you and your child. Click on the time to go to the registration page for that class.

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Session A Schedule (June 11 - July 18)







Session B Schedule (July 24 - August 22 )







Newborn to 22 Months

5 Classes - $109
4 Classes - $94
Session A & B

Learn new ways to say "I Love You" using touch, Mother Goose rhymes, special parent-child dances, instrument play, water and bubble play, singing, and ASL.

Materials include a home CD with lyric book, home activity poster, sensory ball, duck wash mitt, and baby board book.

Creatures At The Ocean
18 Months to 4 Years*

5 Classes - $102
Additional Siblings - $75
Session A

Your child will be introduced to many waterfront friends, including the seagull, crab, dolphin, octopus and whale.  Beach delight is the focus with beach ball play, sand play and sheet-simulated waves!

*MULTI-AGE classes (birth thru 6 years)

Babies 6-12 months $29
Newborns--6 mo  are FREE

In My Garden
All Ages! 0-6 Years

4 Classes - $79
Additional Sibling - $59
Babies 6-12 mo - $29
Newborn-6 mo - Free
(minus any discounts)
Digital Home materials + a CD.
Session B

The sun is shining, birds are singing, insects are buzzing, and critters are sniffling, wriggling, chirping, hopping, and burrowing. We'll buzz like bees, fly like butterflies, and sing like the birds to discover the hidden delights of our backyards through listening, singing, movement, and pretend play.

On The Road
3 to 5 Years

5 Classes - $140
Additional Sibling - $110
Session A

For 75 minutes each week, we travel in our special Van to go to the cottages, the carnival, the beach, and camping. We'll cook s'mores outside our real tent, splash in the waves, play carnival games, and go fishing. Each week, we will sing, dance, move, explore instruments, make a themed craft, and have a snack. Your children will learn a lot of the same camp songs YOU learned as a child, so you can sing them together!

Home Materials include a home CD, hard-cover book, frog guiro instrument, poster, weekly crafts, and snacks. A sibling receives their own frog guiro, book, snacks, and crafts

5 - 7 Years 

4 classes - $79
Additional Sibling - $59
Session A

Digital Home materials + CD.

We learn about different keyboard instruments, legato/staccato, and have fun with the note of C on the staff, the keyboard, and in a bit of composing. Dancing, singing, and and movement to joyful music!

Adults and any siblings attend the last 10 minutes of class with us.

Jumping Beans
4 - 7 Years

4 classes - $79
Additional Sibling - $59
Session B

Digital Home materials + CD

Jump into the rhythms of Latin America! Peek into the rain forest, explore expressive movement, investigate quarter notes, quarter rests, and a keyboard. Sing, dance, and play.

Adults and any siblings attend the last 10 minutes of class with us

Tuition and Materials

The cost of the class includes 4 or 5 classes, a CD, and any other home materials. More Home Materials details here

Need to miss a class? Contact us to come any time during the entire summer to make it up! (Session A and B)

(If arranged at registration time, some camps can be prorated for vacations)

Summer Discounts

Friend Discount

Bring a friend who is new to Kindermusik with Debbie; if they sign up, you BOTH get a $6 discount. Contact us for this coupon code.

Summer Long Discount

Sign up for both Session A and B by May 31st and receive an additional $6 off of the total for each child. Enter coupon code "ab"
If you enroll for both sessions of "Peek-a-Boo, I Love You" (A & B), you will receive $30 off session B fees. Enter coupon code "abpab"

Early Bird Discount

Sign up before May 31st to get $3 off per child, per session. If you come to both Session A and B, that's $6 off per child. This discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

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