School Year 2019-2020

Kindermusik with Debbie runs through the school year, September 16, 2019 to May 25, 2020, making 30 total classes with 5 weeks of breaks during the year. Early Bird registration discount is available until August 1st!

Take a look at the different ages on our Courses page, find the right class and the right time for you and your child. Click on the time to go to the registration page for that class.

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*Classes taught by Miss Amberly
**Classes taught by TBA

Newborn to 22 Months

Monthly Installments - $71

18 Months to 3.5 Years

Monthly Installments - $71

3.5 to 5 Years

Monthly Installments - $71

5 - 7 Years

Monthly Installments - $82

6 - 8 Years

Monthly Installments - $82

Monthly Installments

Rather than having you pay tuition for the entire year at the start of your class, the total cost for the school year (30 classes tuition + the cost of 2 sets* of home materials) have been divided into 9 equal installments, billed the first of each month, September through May. This installment plan makes Kindermusik easier for family's budgets. It is not "pay by the month". Each month, you will pay a portion of your Home Materials fee + a portion of the total class tuition. Some examples are:

  1. If you should need to withdraw part way through a class unit, you will be responsible for any remaining Home Materials fees for that particular unit. The tuition portion will be prorated.
  2. If you enroll in the Fall, after week #5 -- you will have missed two payments (September and October).  We will take the total of those two payments due and then subtract the tuition portion of those 5 missed classes.  That would be your initial payment.  There after (November through May), your monthly installment payments would be at the listed amount.
  3. If you are beginning 'mid-year' (at the end of the first unit/ beginning of 2nd unit) you will be receiving 15 classes + home materials.  Those total fees are divided into 4 1/2 monthly installments: a half payment in January + four full payments (February through May.)


Easy in but easy out, too. Families love Kindermusik so much that we make it easy to stay enrolled. We simply assume you're here to stay until you tell us otherwise. If you need to cancel your enrollment after the 2nd month, all we require is written notice 30 days in advance of your last class.

You can join any time and we will pro-rate accordingly.
Foundations classes receive 4 sets of home materials, or 2 if enrolling mid year.


Referral Discount

Bring a friend; if they sign up, you get a $15 discount (good on tuition only). Your friend receives a free CD and egg shaker.

Sibling Discount

Signing up more than one child? The second one will get a discount (variable, depending on what classes)

Newborn Discount

Little ones under 3 months old get their first month of Village class tuition free! Contact us for this discount.

Early Bird Discount

Get $3 of each monthly installment when you sign up before August 1st.

Fall New Family Discount

Get $3 off of each monthly installment when you sign up before November 1st  (If you are a NEW family to our program and missed the 'Early Bird' discount).

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