Children 18 months to 3.5 years old

You and your child will giggle, sing, and play while learning to use music throughout your day, making life easier and more rewarding.

What We Do In This Class And Why:

Singing - simple songs, to encourage your child's budding voice, and to have fun with music!

Dancing and Movement -  to celebrate her urge to move and express.

Instrument Play - with egg shakers, jingle bells, rhythm sticks, drums, resonator bars and more, have fun and feel a steady beat.

Listening - to animal sounds, and environmental sounds to encourage focused listening skills.

Chants & Vocal Play - to foster language skills and vocal expression.

Exploration Time - to encourage a child's discovery of different sounds, movements, and textures through the use of instruments, balls, hoops and scarves.

Music & Movement Story time - to encourage emergent literacy.

Class Information:

45 minutes, once a week (caregiver and child)

15 week semesters

Home materials include: 2 CDs, 2 Literature Books, Specially Designed Kindermusik Rhythm Instrument, Home Activity Book , themed Carry Case and weekly email bulletins.  

Class Units


Kindermusik with Debbie, 5210 Odana Rd., Madison. Phone: (608) 274-6635 or Email Us