Different Ages, Different Needs

Kindermusik was designed to encourage the whole child to develop; different age groups have different needs, and Kindermusik is a program designed for those different needs! Find a class to meet your child's needs and your busy schedule.

Great Learning

One of the best things a child can have is freedom to play and just enough challenges for their age. Spending time at Kindermusik has been proven to improve literacy, self-control, and emotional developement, but being in the right class is key to that!

See the different aged classes below; some overlap, and you can choose where you think your child will thrive!

Summer Courses

We have summer camps for 2017! Go to Kindermusik with Debbie SUMMER  SCHEDULE to see what classes, ages, and dates are available!

Testimonial - "As a Juilliard grad and mom of three, I know the importance of music in early childhood education.  'Ms. Debbie' was one of the very first words our children spoke and they looked forward to every class with bright smiles and a twinkle in their eyes.

It takes a very special person to be able to nurture children the way Ms. Debbie does.  In my career, I've learned that a great performer is not necessarily a great teacher, but Ms. Debbie embodies both.  Her genuine love for music and children define her as a true pedagogue."

Vivian Cassie, KM with Debbie Mom

 Birth - 22 months

Make time for musical bonding time with your little one and meet other mom's and babies! Learn fun activities to do with them at home! You can start as soon as you are comfortable leaving home with your little loved one.

 18 months - 3.5 years

Does your child sing and dance on their own? Do they join you when you sing your songs? Make music time even more interactive and playful with Our Time classes!

 3.5 - 5 years

Children in Imagine That! are ready for more; more challenges, more learning, more imaginitive play! Here, they will learn about musical instruments, rhythmic movement, following instructions, and more!

 5 - 7 years

This pre-keyboard class recognizes that olderchildren are capable of more detailed instruction; learning to read notes and music, to lead, and to play music. Around 5 years old, Kindermusik makes this a playful focus of a child's class as they learn to play their own glockenspiel, dulcimer & recorder.

Moving Up

Kindermusik has classes for four different age groups. There comes a time when a child needs to move beyond what they already know, but how do you, the parent, know when that is? Some questions like "Are they bored?" or "Are they a lot older or more mature than the other kids?" can help you decide, and there are many more suggestions to help you feel confident in choosing which class is right for your child.

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