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From Newborn to 22 months

Share special time in our Foundations class!

In our VILLAGE classes, you and your baby will cherish your special time together within a welcoming community of parents, sharing the challenges and joys of those first precious months.

What We Do In This Class And Why:

Gathering Time - to help baby transition to a new environment

Warm-ups -  to promote bonding between you and your child

Exercise - to keep the steady beat in baby's body

Movement - creative and synchronized

Instruments - that are baby safe (egg shakers, Velcro jingle bells, drums etc.)

Dancing - circle dancing, line dancing, free dancing and more.

Object Exploration - to engage all of Baby's senses (i.e. sheer scarves, chime balls, real flowers etc.)

Music - from different cultures, tempos and styles--from classical to reggae, hoe down to traditional folk tunes. Delightful arrangements and recordings.

Singing - because Baby loves to hear your voice! 

ASL (American Sign Language) - so you and your baby can begin to communicate at an earlier age

Quiet Time - to give mom a break and help baby relax

Foundations of Learning Statements - to learn how Kindermusik activities enhance your child's development in all areas-social, emotional, movement, language, cognitive and musical

Home Activities - so the learning and fun continue at home

Class Information:

45 minutes once a week (for caregiver and baby)

15 week units (there are 7 &  8 week options)

Home Materials includes: Home CD, an age-appropriate Instrument, Baby-board book, 2 Wall banners, a downloadable Home Journal , and weekly email bulletins.

Class Units:


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