A Penny Saved

It's always nice when you can save a penny here or there. Check out this list to find out how you can save!

School-year Discounts


As if bringing a friend to Kindermusik isn't fun enough, get a $15 tuition credit if your friend signs up! Your friend gets something too; a free Kindermusik CD and an egg shaker. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can bring, and they don't have to sign up for the same class; any Kindermusik with Debbie class will do.

Sibling Discount

More than one child? If both are taking a class, the second child gets a monthly discount of $7.00 if they are in different classes, or a $12.00 monthly discount if they are both in the same Our Time, Imagine That, or Young Child. If both children are in a Village class, the second child will get a $17.00 monthly discount.

Newborn Discount

Babies under 3 months old get their first month of Village classes tuition free! Contact us by email for this discount.


"I have so much fun taking classes with my daughter Stella and my baby Henry! It's a special bonding time, and I love that the experiences we have at class continue at home--we are always rocking out to Kindermusik in the car, doing fingerplays, lap bounces and putting on 'performances'.

As a piano teacher, I've noticed a huge difference in my students who have done the Kindermusik sequence--they are exceptionally well-prepared to begin private study.

Kindermusik is a great value!"

Molly Peterson, KM with Debbie Mom

Materials Discount

Already taken this unit? Still have the complete set of the home materials? When you register, there is a drop-down box where you can write in the units you have home materials for; if you mark them, (and email a photo of them within 5 days of registration) you get a discount! For Village, Our Time, and Imagine That, the discount is $10.00 per month; for Young Child, the discount is $8.00 per month.
If photo proof of your Home Materials is not received within 5 days of registration, new ones will be automatically ordered for you, and no discount can be given.

Early Bird Discount

The early bird gets the worm, and reserving your spot early with Kindermusik means more than ensuring your child's place; it means a $4.00 discount on your monthly installments too! Check the registration form for the Early Bird sign up date, register before then, and enjoy a monthly discount.

Summer Discounts

We have some special discounts just for summer; all of the discounts can be combined!
Friend Discount

Bring a friend who is new to Kindermusik with Debbie; if they sign up, you BOTH get a $6 discount.

Early Bird Discount

Sign up before May 30th to get $3 off per child, per session. If you come to both Session A and B, that's $6 off per child. This discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Summer Long Discount

Sign up for both Session A and B by May 31st and receive an additional $6 off of the total for each child. Enter coupon code "ab"  If enrolling two children in both Session A & B, you will need to enter this coupon code TWICE.
If you enroll for both sessions of "Oh, What Busy Days" (A & B), you will receive $30 off session B fees. Enter coupon code "abpab"

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