We are proudly among the top 1% of Kindermusik programs worldwide

Making Memories

Fill your child's earliest years with memories of music, playtime, and you! Early Childhood development thrives on play, and good family relationships thrive on your involvement. Make time for some parent-child bonding with Kindermusik! Make some time every week to come to a class that is tried and tested to help your child develop and help you develop a bond with them. Whether your little loved one is brand new to music or has a few year of experience, Kindermusik has a tried and true class just for their age group.

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Play and Progress

Children are not one-sided, but many children's music classes are. Kindermusik has won international awards for music classes that focus on the whole child, not just on notes or rhythm or movement. Move, play, and help your child develop a sense of rhythm, music appreciation, attention span, and so much more! Cognitive, emotional, social, physical, musical, and language development are all parts of the Kindermusik program.From newborns to seven-year-olds, Kindermusik has classes and music for everyone to enjoy.

What Parents Are Saying

As a brain scientist, I have been fascinated with my daughter's development. Since enrolling in Kindermusik class with Miss Debbie when she was 10 months old, her vocabulary has grown exponentially with each learning unit. She loves listening and dancing to the songs and adores the interdisciplinary approach of the program. Miss Debbie is an outstanding teacher, bringing joy and years of teaching experience into the classroom in a fun and interactive way. I strongly recommend Kindermusik to children of all ages!

~Limor Weinstein 

Nolan frequently asks, "Is it a Kindermusik day?"  Singing the songs to him outside of class also makes every day go smoother: he happily gets dressed, picks up his toys, and tolerates longer car rides. Music makes him happy.  Kindermusik makes him happy!

~Peggy Ellerkamp